Sonia Cantié, 38, is the natural dyer, seamstress, designer & maker of all things for Cozy Memories.

Her studio is based in sunny Baillargues, southern France, where she happily lives with her husband, their two sons & their cat.

She makes a point at creating homewares & accessories with natural materials exclusively (linen, hemp, cotton, organic cotton, wool, silk), but she also likes to repurpose some materials, as well as using other wares (ceramic beads & buttons mainly) handmade by other artisans around the world.

She enjoys hand embroidering and painting with watercolors, from time to time, when time allows & when inspiration strikes. Nature is a source of inspiration that never runs dry ! Nature photography is one of her most favorite hobbies. She likes to walk around her town, to travel across her region, capital & country, but she also enjoys other cultures and has a deep appreciation for Japan.

Last but not least, she uses locally grown & responsibly foraged plants (as well as kitchen waste) for dyeing fabrics that she uses for creating her wares. She uses fresh plants (or fresh ones that she dried herself for later use) exclusively, and does not use dyeing extracts, which adds a little unpredictability & extra special touch to her dyeings.

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